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VoIP security architecture in brief

SIP Dialog

Voice over IP (VoIP) has been around for a long time. It’s ubiquitous in homes, data centers and carrier networks. Despite this ubiquity, security is rarely a priority. With the combination of a handful of important standard protocols, it is

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Threats and Usability of Secure Voice

Whit Diffie

In my previous post I found that end-to-end encryption with OSTN is both effective and usable. There are two important things the user must be aware of when using OSTN. They must confirm with each phone call that the encryption

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A Network Analysis of Encrypted Voice over OSTN


Introduction to OSTN The OSTN network stands for Open Source Telephony Network. It is a federated network standard for supporting Internet calling with end-to-end encryption ala ZRTP. Its very similar to e-mail in that VOIP calls can be routed to

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OSTN secure VoIP wizard now built into CSipSimple for Android

If you saw our last post about how to setup your own secure voice-over-IP server instance, then this news is for you. If you are an Android user looking for the best open-source VoIP app, and really need one that

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Build your own Open Secure Telephony Network, some assembly required

The Open Secure Telephony Network is a standard that defines how to configure a VoIP softswitch with the capability to have secure two-way VoIP conversations if both parties are using the same server. The system requires both backend and frontend

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