The Only Way to Visit Strongbox on a Phone

The New Yorker magazine just launched Strongbox, a whistleblower submission system that’s hosted on a hidden website. There’s only one way to access the hidden site on a phone or tablet, and that’s with our Orweb app. Here’s a simple breakdown of how to do securely and anonymously blow the whistle, explained in an interactive tutorial: Visit for an interactive tutorial on using Strongbox on your phone. The website exists as a hidden site on what is widely known as the darknet, since you are going there hidden or “in the dark. [Read More]

aPad / iRobot / Moons e7001 Teardown

This is the aPad or iRobot Android 7″ tablet device from I decided to tear mine apart, as the unit I received has a battery issue, and I hoped to see if I could find a bad solder point. In addition, I was curious to see just how hackable or extensible the hardware was. In the end, I was mostly surprised by how much of the thing is put together with tape. [Read More]

Tor on a Tablet

We recently acquired a Moons e-7001 “iRobot” tablet which runs Android 1.5. This device is also known as the “aPad”. It is a very basic iPad-clone, though honestly, it can’t really compare with the iPad in terms of quality of screen, build or general use. However, it does only cost $185, supports USB host mode, has a built-in camera, and it is running Android, an actual open-source operating system! It should also be pointed out that you can also now get the Archos 7 Android tablet, which is basically the same thing as this, from Amazon for $199. [Read More]
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