aPad / iRobot / Moons e7001 Teardown

This is the aPad or iRobot Android 7″ tablet device from www.hiapad.com. I decided to tear mine apart, as the unit I received has a battery issue, and I hoped to see if I could find a bad solder point. In addition, I was curious to see just how hackable or extensible the hardware was. In the end, I was mostly surprised by how much of the thing is put together with tape. I suppose that is what you get for < $200 Android tablet! You can find the full product overview on the Hiapad site. I have also pasted in the basic specs below.

See the Slatedroid forums for more tear down and custom rom news: slatedroid.com/index.php?board=18.0

p.s. – the older, distinguished gentleman in the photos is my father, who at age 75, is still fascinated, engaged, and into hacking with all things digital.

Summary of hardware specifications for our Rockchip Apad iRobot Android Tablet, Batch 2:
CPU: RK2808 Chipset (ARM9 @ 600 MHz + DSP @ 550 MHz dual-core)
Operating System: Android 1.5
Supported Languages: English, Chinese, others
Display: 800×480 7″ LCD
Input: Resistive single point touchscreen
Sensors: Accelerometer
Camera: 3 Megapixel camera
Audio input: built-in microphone
Audio output: 3.5 mm jack, integrated speakers
Networking: 802.11 Wireless b/g
Peripheral Support: USB HOST (mouse, keyboard, memory stick, more untested)
Battery: 3000 mAH, 2 hours continuous use wifi on, 4 hours reading time wifi off
RAM: 128 MB
Expansion memory: Transflash (microSD) up to 16 GB
Supported video formats: MKV (H.264 HP)/RMVB/MPEG-4/FLV/MPEG-1/MPEG-2 up to 720p
Supported audio formats: MP3, WMA. FLAC, AAC, AC3, OGG, WAV
Supported picture formats: JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF
The Rockchip Apad is a MID based on the Rockchip electronics RK2808 platform.