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Security in a thumb drive: the promise and pain of hardware security modules, take one!

Hardware Security Modules (aka Smartcards, chipcards, etc) provide a secure way to store and use cryptographic keys, while actually making the whole process a bit easier. In theory, one USB thumb drive like thing could manage all of the crypto

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Improving trust and flexibility in interactions between Android apps

Android provides a flexible system of messaging between apps in the form of Intents. It also provides the framework for reusing large chunks of apps based on the Activity class. Intents are the messages that make the requests, and Activitys

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Integrating Crypto Identities with Android

ver the past couple of years, Android has included a central database for managing information about people, it is known as the ContactsContract (that’s a mouthful). Android then provides the People app and reusable interface chunks to choose contacts that

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Getting keys into your keyring with Gnu Privacy Guard for Android

scan this QR Code to get the author's OpenPGP key

Now that you can have a full GnuPG on your Android device with Gnu Privacy Guard for Android, the next step is getting keys you need onto your device and included in Gnu Privacy Guard. We have tried to make

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Turn Your Device Into an App Store

As we’ve touched upon in previous blog postsĀ  the Google Play model of application distribution has some disadvantages. Google does not make the Play store universally available, instead limiting availability to a subset of countries. Using the Play store to

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