RightsCon Report: Surveillance and Facial Recognition: Protection or Instruments of Control?

Safety is one of the foremost questions we seek to answer as we roam about in our everyday lives, taking precautions to reduce the likelihood of all threats. It is the very reasoning behind the use of surveillance technology from civilians to the state government, as it hinders crime through fear of persecution and retribution. However, variables such as the time taken for assistance can limit this objective. In these instances, surveillance is not a means of protection, but rather justice, as facial recognition technology can discern the perpetrator to bring to justice. [Read More]

Tracking the Trackers: using machine learning to aid ethical decisions

F-Droid is a free software community app store that has been working since 2010 to make all forms of tracking and advertising visible to users. It has become the trusted name for privacy in Android, and app developers who sell based on privacy make the extra effort to get their apps included in the F-Droid.org collection. These include Nextcloud, Tor Browser, TAZ.de, and Tutanota. Auditing apps for tracking is labor intensive and error prone, yet ever more in demand. [Read More]

Haven: Building the Most Secure Baby Monitor Ever?

About eight months ago, friends at the Freedom of the Press Foundation reached out to us, to see if we were interested in prototyping an idea they had been batting around. They knew that from projects like CameraV and ProofMode, that we knew how to tap into the sensors on smartphones to do interesting things. They also knew we could connect devices together using encrypted messaging and onion routing, through our work on ChatSecure and Tor (Orbot! [Read More]

Orbot v12 now in beta

After much too long, we’ve got a new build of Orbot out, and it is… a stable beta! Nothing radically new here, just many small changes to continue to improve the experience of our hundreds of thousands of active users out in the world. There will likely be one or two more “beta” releases to iron out small issues in v12, but for now, this one is good to go. [Read More]