Orbot v12 now in beta

After much too long, we’ve got a new build of Orbot out, and it is… a stable beta! Nothing radically new here, just many small changes to continue to improve the experience of our hundreds of thousands of active users out in the world. There will likely be one or two more “beta” releases to iron out small issues in v12, but for now, this one is good to go.

a very might orbot

The really exciting aspect of this release is that we have ironed out some integration points with other apps, like our own Gibberbot, and third-party apps like DuckDuckGo. These apps can now tell if Orbot is installed, running, and if not, request it to start up. Once Orbot is started, it will return to the calling app, and let them know they can proceed with routing their traffic over Tor. We hope that through use of our OrbotHelper utility (part of the OnionKit/NetCipher library), many more apps will choose to provide their users with better anonymity and privacy of their network traffic.

Since we haven’t done a release in awhile, and we have some new build tools, I mostly want to make sure I have not done something terribly wrong in the build process. Please confirm back if you are able to successfully use this release. You can report issues on our bug tracker.

We’ve switched versioning styles to a simpler major.minor.bugfix “semantic” model, so this is now Orbot 12.0.1.

Signed 12.0.1 beta release build is here:

Direct APK is here: https://guardianproject.info/releases/Orbot-release-12.0.1-beta-1.apk (gpg sig)

We also have automated “nightly” debug builds from the development branch:

Updates in 12.0.1:

  • updated to Tor
  • flashy screen bug fixed
  • now shows traffic stats in notification area
  • better handling of preference settings changes
  • added superuser permission for Cyanogen
  • better support for “start” Intent, integration with other apps

Tagged source is here:

6 comments for “Orbot v12 now in beta

  1. Anonymous
    2013/07/26 at 11:20 pm

    Can we get an OrWeb build that can send Torbrowser compatible HTTP headers… not the actual OS of the phone?

  2. steve cartwright
    2013/08/12 at 6:40 am

    I’ve installed the V12 beta however Im getting the same problem as the previous version, orbot while attempting to start up says

    Connecting to control port: 9051
    SUCCESS connected to control port

    over and over.
    Prior to this I had the phone unrooted and orbot started up ok. Since I rooted it I have these problems.
    I have android 4.0.4 running on samsung GT-I19100

    • n8fr8
      2013/08/20 at 9:24 pm

      Are you running a firewall or any other network management apps in root mode?

  3. anon
    2013/08/20 at 6:20 pm

    Using 12.0.3, and Galaxy Note II with whenever I select the globe to launh the browser, it detects I don’t have orweb installed and asks “want help with that or should we just open the browser?” and a cancel/okay button. I don’t use orweb, I have proxy Mobile and Firefox. There is no option to just go ahead and open firefox (It’s worked fine in previous builds). It always opens the window for installing Orbot-Enabled apps.
    How can I set it to just open firefox, like it used to?

    • n8fr8
      2013/08/20 at 9:23 pm

      It should definitely remember your preference and use that going forward.

      However, if you hit cancel, it should open whatever browser you have set as your default.

      Only the “okay” option should open the Orbot-enabled apps screen.

  4. Anonymous
    2013/10/01 at 7:19 am

    Hi, I am having problems with the transparent proxying option on a Galaxy Ace GTS5830i running CyanogenMod 7.2. I rooted the phone expecting the transparent proxying to work, but unfortunately I am still receiving the same error message: WARNING: error starting transparent proxying”. Is there any work around solution for this problem. Please advice.

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