IETF114 Conference Report: Friday July 29, 2022

Day Five of the 114th IETF meeting in Philadelphia USA. For the rundown on Day Four, see my daily report.

A quiet day today with only the Messaging Layer Security Working Group holding its session. Draft 16 of the MLS protocol completed last-call in mid-July and has been submitted for review after significant technical and editorial feedback from the working group. Are we getting close (again)? The MLS Architecture document was lightly revised and version 8 submitted for review. Two new drafts were presented: MLS Content Negotiation and MLS Extensions. The former has yet to be adopted as a Working Group item, but the latter was adopted during IETF114 (before the MLS session, over the mailing list).

Federation (between messaging systems supporting MLS) was upgraded to BoF (Birds of a Feather) status at IETF114, with the formal announcement that the activity would, if agreed by BoF participants, be seeking Working Group status. The implication here is that the current MLS Working Group might fold the tent after completion of the architecture and protocol work (a MLSbis Working Group would conceivably follow to handle protocol extensions and updates). The existing draft on MLS Federation would then be picked up by this new Working Group as a starting point.