IETF113 Hackathon Project

This post begins a daily blog, live from IETF113 in Vienna Austria, March 19-25, 2022 (first in-person meeting after six remote-only meetings during the COVID pandemic).

The Hackathon event kicks off IETF and, at this meeting, we picked up work originally done by one of our teammates implementing version 5 of Internet Draft HTTP Transport Authentication. HTTP Transport Authentication is designed to authenticate such protocol flows in a manner that does not reveal any information to an attacker during failure cases. Therefore, applications using HTTP Transport Authentication are resistant to active probing by network adversaries.

We got the original code running in Google Conscrypt (TLS for Java/Android), verified its function (as defined in the Internet Draft) and created a public open source repository with a demonstration capability. We presented the work to Hackathon attendees (~50 people) and discussed the work with the specification’s author.

Here’s the specification for HTTP Transport Authentication Internet Draft. Here’s our implementation repository.