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Voice over Tor?

Voice calls over Tor are supposed to be impossible. It seems this may no longer be the case. Without being able to do voice over IP (VOIP) conversations over the Tor network, people are prevented from being able to route  calls outside of censored networks. People ask us if there is any way they can route voice traffic through Tor…

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How To: Setup a Private VOIP Phone System for Android

MAY 2011: Learn more about our new efforts on the Open Secure Telephony Network at https://guardianproject.info/wiki/OSTN – we currently recommend the CSipSimple Android app instead of SIPDroid, for secure voice calls. Near the very top of Guardian’s open-source application suite wish list is something that might seem like a no-brainer for a secure mobile device: voice. When we take into account…

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One Solution for Push-to-Talk

As part of rolling out the first-phase of The Guardian Project, I will be writing short reviews of existing applications for Android-based mobile phones that share our general goals or desired functionality. The goal of Guardian, in short, is to enable safe and secure communication for activists, organizers and advocates working for good around the world through the mobile phones…

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