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  1. heisenberg
    2013/06/14 at 12:58 am


    I found this very useful post.

    I had a few questions regarding your apps:

    D0 any of the apps work on the blackberry, specifically the z10. I am new to smartphones and my employer has provided me with a z10 device. I do not own any other phone so I wanted to secure myself by using:

    1) gibberbot (for OTR chat)
    2) Orbot/Tor (for web surfing)
    3) Ostel/CSipSimple for encrypted calls (or redphone)
    4) textsecure for secure text messaging

    I understand that the blackberry OS is a variant of android or rather it is possible to run *some* android applications on blackberry. I’ve read about converting apk files to bar files for the blackberry. I have done so with gibberbot and CSipSimple but neither seem to work for me. Perhaps I have done something wrong. If you have any further information regarding my question I would be grateful.

    Thank you.

  2. 2013/06/14 at 4:43 pm

    Very good idea to use Tor instead of SIP server. Subscriber finds another by hidden service, establishes a Tor connection and then goes UDP and traversal NAT with any public STUN server. I implemented this idea in my project, and it works great! Decentralized structure, no registration and no logs. I would like to see this solution in your project, as well as in Jitsi.

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