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Improving trust and flexibility in interactions between Android apps

Android provides a flexible system of messaging between apps in the form of Intents. It also provides the framework for reusing large chunks of apps based on the Activity class. Intents are the messages that make the requests, and Activitys are the basic chunk of functionality in an app, including its interface. This combination allows apps to reuse large chunks…

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Four Ways InformaCam Powers Mobile Media Verification

Note: A big discussion topic of 2013 was about how hard cryptography and security is for average people, journalists and others. With that in mind, we’d like to sub-title this post “Making Mobile Crypto Easy for Eyewitnesses”, as the InformaCam software and process described below includes the full gamut of security and cryptography tools all behind a streamlined, and even…

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Knight News funding of SecureSmartCam = a #WIN for open-source mobile security

Along with our partner WITNESS, we’ve entered our SecureSmartCam project into the Knight News Challenge, and we need your support to get to the next round. Here’s a bit more about the challenge: The Knight News Challenge, an international media innovation contest, is evolving – and will be offered three times, with three different topics. The first challenge will be…

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