Question: central server, federated, or p2p? Answer: all!

There are many ideas of core architectures for providing digital services, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. I break it down along the lines of central servers, federated servers, and peer-to-peer, serverless systems. a central service with clients connecting to it Most big internet companies operate in effect as a central server (even though they are implemented differently). There is only, there are no other services that can inter-operate with facebook. [Read More]

Mobile mesh in a real world test

Nathan, Mark, Lee, and I tried some OLSR mesh testing during the May Day protests and marches. We were able to get 4 devices to associate and mesh together, but not without some trials and travails. Two pairs of devices setup two separate BSSIDs, so were on separate networks. We turned them all off, then associated them one at a time, and then they all got onto the same BSSID and olsrd started doing its thing. [Read More]