Improving website resilience with LibResilient and IPFS

We’re always looking for techniques to make services more resilient to all sorts of issues. That’s why we took special interest in LibResilient and mapped out it’s capabilities. It’s a JavaScript library for decentralized content delivery in web-browsers and markets itself as easy to deploy to any website. We’ve looked at LibResilient primarily in the context of static websites. While it should work with dynamic websites too, that was out of focus for us. [Read More]

Announcement: AnyNews 1.0: Censorship-Resistant News and Media Distribution

Summary For content publishers, AnyNews is a news distribution suite focused on service to censorship-prone geographies, easily integrated into existing content sources. AnyNews is open-source and easily branded (or customized, if desired) without extensive effort or expense. AnyNews integrates technologies to counter a range of censorship regimes and is designed to accommodate new technologies more easily and quickly as they arise. Tools are provided to support a range of publishing options for environments that suffer from connectivity or performance problems. [Read More]