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Proposal for Secure Connection Notification on Android

A major problem of mobile applications being increasingly used over web-based applications, is that there is no standard established for notifying the user of the state of security on the network connection. With a web browser, the evolution of the “lock” icon when an HTTPS connection is made, has been one that evolved originally out of Netscape’s first implementation, to…

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CACertMan app to address DigiNotar & other bad CA’s

As I expect many of you are aware, there was a major compromise to a¬†Dutch Certificate Authority named “DigiNotar” recently, where they allowed SSL certs for domains like *.google.com, *.torproject.org and even *.cia.gov as well as *.*.com to be issued. It was brought up to the contribs of CyanogenMOD that they should probably remove the DigiNotar CA cert from the…

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