TrustedIntents: flexible trusted interactions between Android apps

TrustedIntents is a library for flexible trusted interactions between Android apps. It is modeled after Android’s signature protection level for permissions. The key difference is that the framework allows the trusted signature to be set, rather than requiring to match the current app’s signature.

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The binary jar, source jar, and javadoc jar are all available on jcenter. To include them using gradle, add this line to your build.gradle:

implementation 'info.guardianproject.trustedintents:trustedintents:%!s(<nil>)'

Otherwise, the files can also be downloaded directly from jcenter, including the PGP signatures:


This library is licensed under the LGPLv2.1. We believe this is compatible with all reasonable uses, including proprietary software, but let us know if it provides difficulties for you. For more info on how that works with Java, see: