Our “Wind” project is a Mozilla-NSF challenge finalist!

For the last few years, we’ve been working on the Wind network concept, as a nearby, local, off-grid companion, or alternative, to the Web. This year, we decided to participate in the Wireless Innovation Challenge, sponsored by Mozilla and the National Science Foundation. Today, it was announced that we are a finalist in, as they put it, “A Science Fair with $1.6 Million in Prizes”.

Watch the video below to learn more about Wind, or jump right over to the Wind project page.

When disaster strikes, connectivity becomes difficult. Information can save your life, guiding you to safety and services. Networks today are fragile and easy overloaded. There has not been enough investment in the many other possible nets, that may be better suited for situations where connections to the global internet are not available or affordable. The potential in radios, sensors and processing available in the cheapest of smartphones and routers are not fully utilized or realized.

1 comment for “Our “Wind” project is a Mozilla-NSF challenge finalist!

  1. JustMe
    2018/12/07 at 12:46 am

    The potential all comes from the initial host sending the waves. The issues isn’t the cheapeast of smart phones or electronic devices but rather cracking the connections. For Ex: you switch a SIM on a “cheap” smart phone with the new version on Verizon’s latest jet pack and you are able to see the texts intended for the other device. Thus causing IMEI numbers to be transposed, never caught by the normal eye until a new line is picked up. (From experience tech savies hate this)

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