How can we learn without watching?

What kind of measurement, tracking or analytics do you use, and can you sleep at night with your decision?

As part of the Berkman-Klein Assembly program at Harvard, I am working with a team to imagine a next-generation mobile and IoT analytics system that has privacy, confidentiality and anonymity at its core. The hope is we can find ways to learn what our users like and understand how our apps are performing without having to rely on proprietary cloud services, logging liability, network vulnerabilities, and invasive app permissions.

With that in mind, we want to hear from you, as a developers and users interested in private, free and secure applications and devices, to understand the compromises you are making today. Please answer the questions below, and optionally provide your contact information, so we can get in touch with you for further help developing this new idea.

Welcome to your Analytics Privacy Survey

Do you use software to track and measure the behaviors of your users? If so, what and how?
If yes, how do you reconcile using such software while upholding your privacy values?
If no, what kind of features would you need the software to have in order to feel comfortable using it?
What don't you know about your users or your app (because you don't use tracking software) that you wish you could know in order to make it better?
Where do you currently store analytics, measurement or other logged data?


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