Orbot now at v14.0.0 build 100!

The latest Orbot is out soon on Google Play, and by direct download from the link below:
Android APK: https://guardianproject.info/releases/orbot-latest.apk
(PGP Sig)

The major improvements for this release are:

  • Uses the latest Tor stable version
  • Fix for recent OpenSSL vulnerabilities
  • Addition of Obfuscated Bridges 3 (Obfs3) support
  • Switch from Privoxy to Polipo (semi-experimental)

and much more… see the CHANGELOG link below for all the details.

The tag commit message was “updating to 14.0.0 build 100!”

and the full CHANGELOG is here: https://gitweb.torproject.org/orbot.git/blob_plain/81bd61764c2c300bd1ba1e4de5b03350455470c1:/CHANGELOG