Thoughts on Mobile Video for Activism

I’ve co-written a blog post with Bryan Nunez of WITNESS, on some important concepts around using mobile video technology within activists and protest situations.  It is up now on their blog, but here is a short excerpt:

Activists all over the world have turned to mobile phones to organize, coordinate and document their struggle.  Images and videos shot on mobile phones have been the standard for what revolution looks like in the public imagination.  We have seen iconic moments, captured in low resolution on mobile phones, captivate global audiences. We have moved from a handful of grainy clips uploaded hours or days after events unfold, to multiple livestreams, showing different angles on something happening right now. The Arab Spring, the #Occupy Movement, as well less politicized events like the London and Vancouver riots have shown us that the mobile phone is the recording device used to document the next breaking news story, especially if that story involves any sort of protest or activism.


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