April 26: “Advancing the New Machine” at UC Berkeley

I, along with a number of others from the Guardian Project core dev team, will be at the UC Berkeley’s Human Rights Center “Advancing the New Machine” conference at the end of April. I am on a panel regarding security in the context of human rights. We will also be presenting the Secure Smart Cam project with our partners at Witness. (https://guardianproject.info/apps/securecam/).

You can learn more about the event here:

It was the 2009 version of the same conference hosted by UC Berkeley’s Human Rights Conference, the “Soul of the New Machine”, where I initially pitched the idea of Guardian, and happily won a $15,000 grant which acted as our seed funding.

We are also planning to have an all-day open collaborative hack session on Friday, April 29th, somewhere in the bay area. Reaching out to friends at EFF, Tor, Whispersys, Google, etc to host and/or join us. More information as we have it, but I can definitely say that we will have stickers!