MobileActive Helps Secure Citizen Journalists

While we appreciate the mention in this new guide from MobileActive, we appreciate even more the hard work put into documenting practical solutions for citizen journalists that are available today. This guide covers both low and hi-tech approaches to using a mobile phone to document and share media, while still trying to protect your identity and safeguarding communication:

Mobile phones are used to compose stories, capture multi-media evidence and disseminate content to local and international audiences. This can be accomplished extremely quickly, making mobile media tools attractive to citizens and journalists covering rapidly unfolding events such as protests or political or other crises. The rise of mobiles has also helped extend citizen journalism into transient, poor or otherwise disconnected communities.

However, for those working under repressive regimes, citizen journalism can be a double-edged sword. Anything you create and disseminate can be used against you, whether through the legal system or in other more sinister forms of suppression.

Unfortunately, since our port of Tor (Orbot), isn’t widely available or in the Android Market yet, they decided to promote the existing TorProxy+Shadow solution, which we and the Tor Project team believe to be insecure. Read more about those issue in this article from H-Online.

If you really need anonymous, secure access on an Android phone, please contact us, and we will set you up with Orbot.

View the complete guide here: