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Introducing InformaCam, the free open source tool for collecting secure digital evidence using your mobile phone.

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(But Verify!) What Your Eyes See

InformaCam uses the built in sensors in modern smartphones as well wi-fi, bluetooth, and cell tower information to create a snapshot of the environment in which an image or video was captured. This validates the date, time and location of capture. Digital signatures and encryption ensure that your media hasn't been tampered with and can only be opened by the intended recipient.

View our Getting Started Guide for a walkthrough of the core features of InformaCam.

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We’re building a powerful tool to create iron-clad digital media that can be used in courts of international law

- Sam Gregory- WITNESS

We are helping create the first evidentiary standards for digital media in the social networking age.

- Harlo Holmes- The Guardian Project

Metadata details... could assist even the least-savvy digital investigator unravel a Catfish style hoax.

- Bernhard Warner- Businessweek

Internetvideos aus Kriegsgebieten sind bei den großen Medienhäusern sehr gefragt. Aber sind sie auch authentisch?

- Timo Brücken- Der Spiegel

FINALLY people will stop tweeting pictures of sharks swimming through cities during hurricanes.

- The Internet-

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InformaCam has strong encryption and network security built-in using OpenPGP, IOCipher and Tor.

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The easiest way to capture and share secure photos and videos on a smartphone or tablet.

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Open-source and freely licensed for use by any individual or organization.

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InformaCam uses Tor Hidden Services to defend against surveillance and filtering.

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Turn sensor inputs like compass, light, temperature, location and more into "metadata for good".

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Upload and share media captured from InformaCam wherever you choose, and people can trust what their eyes see.

Available Now in Beta

  • Informa App
  • Mobile App
  • Available Today on Android OS
  • For Smartphones, Tablets, Cameras
  • Built-in Strong Encryption
  • Secure upload via Tor
  • Simple and Easy-to-Use
  • Download the app
  • Informa Core
  • Software Engine
  • Build Your Own Informa App
  • Total Sensor Management
  • Generate & Export J3M Metadata
  • Automatic Encryption & Signing
  • Flexible Form Definition for Annotation
  • Learn More
  • Informa Repo
  • Server Dashboard
  • Integrated Cryptographic Verification
  • Powerful Tools for Search
  • Open and Interoperable
  • Built with Python & ElasticSearch
  • Commercial Support Options Avalable
  • Install the repo

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