So you want to submit info to Strongbox from your phone?

Then click on Orweb to install it's partner web browser.
Got it.

Go back to the main screen and you should see the Guardian Project apps. Click on Orbot to install. Got it.

Enter: (don't forget the s!)
Done. Where are the apps?

Run the app and navigate over to Menu > Manage Repos > New Repository Cool. What do I enter?

There's an alternative app store. Install F-droid by entering into a mobile browser. Done. Next?

That's it! You did it. Now wasn't that easy? Play again?
· For more info, visit our site: The Guardian Project ·

15. Then you submit a message. Files don't work on mobile... yet.
I submitted my anonymous message.

14. First, The New Yorker gives you a unique code name.
Got a cool one.

13. Welcome to Strongbox on the darknet.
Let's get started.

12. You're awesome! Now type in http://tnysbtbxsf356hiy.onion
Let's visit Strongbox anonymously.

Your configuration is wrong. Restart Orbot and try again using Orweb v2.

11. It pulls up to confirm we're surfing anonymously.
I see congrats. / I don't see congrats.

10. Press the globe icon to pull up the web browser that you downloaded. Opening Orweb!

9. Let's confirm that we can now browse the web anonymously. Ok, how?

Orbot turns green when it's connected to Tor.

Orbot becomes yellow as it's connecting...

Orbot starts grey.

8. Now we long press the power button to get started. Pressing!

Security is a two-way street. Make sure your friends are secure too.

Otherwise you can use cool apps that have a proxy feature,
like these ones, Twitter, and others.

If your phone is jailbroken/rooted then you can choose
to route all app traffic over Tor.

Is it really secure? We break it down.

We'll tell you about our project and onion routing via Tor.

6. Choose your language and get started. Let's go with English.

5. Open Orbot. Done.

4. Get our sister app, Orbot, the online privacy plugin.
Hey look, it's suggested!

3. Review the permissions. Then, maybe, accept them. OK, I trust you.

2. Search for Orweb. Got it.

1. Open the Google Play Store. Easy. Next?
It's blocked. Help!

Yes! How do I share freely and anonymously
with The New Yorker magazine?