So you want to chat securely on Android?

Go back to the main screen and you should see the Guardian Project apps. Click on Gibberbot to install. Got it.

Enter: (don't forget the s!)
Done. Where are the apps?

Run the app and navigate over to Menu > Manage Repos > New Repository Cool. What do I enter?

There's an alternative store. Install F-droid by entering into the browser. Done. Next?

You're awesome! Play it again?
For more info, visit The Guardian Project

10. The bar turned green ! We're secure.
Let's send him an encrypted message.

Mark got the right answer! Well then, let's confirm it's really him.

Got it! I checked on a trusted channel: Spotify. Send the secret.

I'm thinking of a question...

I can see Mark's fingerprint. Now let me send him a message that only you would know the answer to.

10. Is that really Mark? Pull up the verify option. Let's click it to make sure.

9. Let's send him an unencrypted message. Send "Oh hai!"

8. The bar turned yellow ! Mark got our chat & turned on encryption.
Let's verify it's really Mark.

Uh oh! It's red , so not encrypted yet. Let's wait to see if Mark turns on encryption.

7. We're in! There's my buddy list. Let's message my friend Mark.

6. Enter your account info: Gchat, Facebook, DukGo, & XMPP all work.
All set!

Security is a two way street. Make sure your friends are secure too.

Is it really secure? We break it down.

It will tell you about our project.

Now we're getting started.

5. Choose your language and get started. Let's go with English.

4. Open Gibberbot. Done.

3. Review the permissions. Then, maybe, accept them. OK, I trust you.

2. Search for Gibberbot. Got it.

1. Open the Google Play Store. Easy. Next?
It's blocked. Help!

Yes. How do I do that?