So you want to make secure calls on Android?

Go back to the main screen and you should see the Guardian Project apps. Click on CSipSimple to install. Got it.

Enter: (don't forget the s!)
Done. Where are the apps?

Run the app and navigate over to Menu > Manage Repos > New Repository
Cool. What do I enter?

There's an alternative app store. Install F-droid by entering into a web browser.
Done. Next?

You're awesome! Play it again?
· For more info, visit our site: The Guardian Project ·

The status should say "ZRTP - Verified", showing you that you're secure. That's what I see.

A confirmation code will pop up. Read it to them. If you both have the same code, you're secure.
Our security codes match.

It's ringing.

18. Great! Let's call a friend.
I'm dialing Hans

17. In the echo test, you should be able to hear your own voice. Say cheese!
I heard myself saying cheese, echoed.

16. Dial 9-1-9-6 to do an echo test.

15. To confirm it works, you'll see OSTN turn green . We're registered!
Let's test it.

14. We emailed you the account info.
I just entered that info.

13. You'll find empty account info.
Let's fill it in!

12. Scroll down and click the Open Secure Telephony Network (OSTN) account wizard under Expert.
I feel like a pro.

11. Add an account.

10. Press the key icon to add an account.
Pressed and I'm there.

9. Open up CSipSimple.

8. Open the Google Play Store and install CSipSimple.
Easy, next?

7. Download a calling app for your Ostel service.
On Android, we recommend CSipSimple.
Where do I get it?

6. Welcome to Ostel! Your info is below and in your email inbox.
Where do I enter that info?

5. Create a password.
I made it super secure.

4. Choose a name so friends can find you.
I picked a cool one!

3. Scroll to the bottom and register an account.
Sounds good.

2. Check out all the features for Ostel.
Cool! I want it.

1. Go to our website:
Easy. Next?

How do I do that?