Guardian Project Official App Repository

This is our F-Droid app repository for the official, trusted builds of our apps. There are three ways to access this repo, via an HTTPS connection to our main site, via a Tor Hidden Service, or via an Amazon AWS S3 "Bucket":

Amazon AWS S3 Bucket

Signing Key Fingerprint

If you would like to manually verify the fingerprint (SHA-256) of the repository signing key, here it is:
B7 C2 EE FD 8D AC 78 06 AF 67 DF CD 92 EB 18 12 6B C0 83 12 A7 F2 D6 F3 86 2E 46 01 3C 7A 61 35

Questions or Problems?

If you have any questions or problems please email us at:
or ask in our chat room.