Guardian Project Official App Repository

This is our F-Droid app repository for the official, trusted builds of our apps. There are multiple ways to access this repo, to help get around filtering and blocking. The HTTPS connection to our main site is the canonical version. The others are "mirrors" of the same content. Try adding as many as you'd like until your device can connect.

Amazon AWS S3

Signing Key Fingerprint

If you would like to manually verify the fingerprint (SHA-256) of the repository signing key, here it is:
B7 C2 EE FD 8D AC 78 06 AF 67 DF CD 92 EB 18 12 6B C0 83 12 A7 F2 D6 F3 86 2E 46 01 3C 7A 61 35

Questions or Problems?

If you have any questions or problems please email us at:
or ask in our chat room.