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Hiding Apps in Plain Sight

Beyond just thinking about encryption of data over the wire, or at rest on your mobile device, we also consider physical access to your mobile device, as one of the possible things we need to defend against. Some of our apps, such as Courier, our secure news reader, include a Panic feature, enabling a user to quickly delete data or…

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Turn Your Device Into an App Store

As we’ve touched upon in previous blog postsĀ  the Google Play model of application distribution has some disadvantages. Google does not make the Play store universally available, instead limiting availability to a subset of countries. Using the Play store to install apps necessitates both sharing personal information with Google and enabling Google to remotely remove apps from your device (colloquially…

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Gibberbot’s “ChatSecure” MakeOver: Almost Done!

In a previous post with the mouthful of a title “Modernizing Expectations for the Nouveau Secure Mobile Messaging Movement”, I spoke about all of the necessary security features a modern mobile messaging app should have. These include encrypted local storage, end-to-end verifiable encryption over the network, certificate pinning for server connections and a variety of other features. I am VERY…

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Modernizing Expectations for the Nouveau Secure Mobile Messaging Movement

The tl;dr of this lengthy (tho entertaining and immensely important!) post is this: Stopping with “We support OTR” or “We support PGP” is not enough anymore. There are at least seven, if not more, very important security features that any app claiming to provide secure messaging must implement as soon as possible, to truly safeguard a user’s communication content, metadata…

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