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How To: Lockdown Your Mobile E-Mail

Update 2015-04-27: We now recommend OpenKeychain over APG, the app described in this blog post. The set up is drastically easier, so you probably don’t even need this HOWTO anymore. Start by downloading K-9 and OpenKeychain, then go into OpenKeychain and start the config there. Over the past few years it’s become increasingly popular to sound the call that ‘email…

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Ultimate Droid and Orbot

The InsecureSystem blog has a nice write-up on how to get Orbot running on your Droid: I’ve always been a supporter of net privacy and Tor in particular, and a friend of mine got me interested in the guardian project, so I grabbed the beta version of Orbot just to try it out.. sweet, tor from my phone. Unfortunately the Smoked Glass…

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