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Orfox 1.2: An Overdue Update to Our Privacy-Focused Browser!

Primarily this release is the first in a long while after improving our ability to stay up-to-date with core Tor Browser development. In addition, as Mozilla adds more and more features to the core Firefox, we must review them for any issues related to increased permission request, access to data, and privacy and network leaks. This is a slow, tedious…

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Orbot v12 now in beta

After much too long, we’ve got a new build of Orbot out, and it is… a stable beta! Nothing radically new here, just many small changes to continue to improve the experience of our hundreds of thousands of active users out in the world. There will likely be one or two more “beta” releases to iron out small issues in…

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Orbot Your Twitter!

In some ways, Twitter is the perfect application to run over the Tor network. It works with small bits of data, it is asynchronous, works naturally in a “store and forward” queue model, and in general, has a decent amount of default security built-in through HTTP/S support and OAuth. Compared to the problem-child of the open web, which often involves…

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