Orfox 1.2: An Overdue Update to Our Privacy-Focused Browser!

Primarily this release is the first in a long while after improving our ability to stay up-to-date with core Tor Browser development. In addition, as Mozilla adds more and more features to the core Firefox, we must review them for any issues related to increased permission request, access to data, and privacy and network leaks. This is a slow, tedious job, so thank you for your patience. We expect to have more frequent, regular releases moving forward.

Orfox specific highlights include:

  • improved integration with Orbot
  • removal of more unnecessary Android permissions / features (chromecast, account access)
  • new icon and branding!

A big thanks to Amogh Pradeep, Orfox lead developer and GSoC student extraordinaire, along with the entire Tor Browser and Mozilla Firefox teams, for their tireless work, building this great open-source web browser ecosystem.

Updates to the core Tor Browser releases that Orfox is based on can be reviewed here:


Source Code


3 comments for “Orfox 1.2: An Overdue Update to Our Privacy-Focused Browser!

  1. Michael D. Scott
    2016/09/30 at 5:37 am

    I’ve been using Orfox. Will it update to Orfox 1.2 automatically, or do I have to go to Google Play outside of Tor?

    Pgp key @ Pgp.mit.edu

  2. Cressers
    2016/11/23 at 12:25 pm

    Don’t forget to include accessibility options for visually impaired users!

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