Orbot now available

Our flagship app, Orbot: Tor on Android, has been updated to version It is available in the Android Market, or through direct download from the Tor Project’s website.

This release fixes a number of long standing bigs, includes the latest and greatest release of Tor itself, cleans up the user interface a bit, and adds some new advanced options (you can specify your exit node country!). It also fixes an issue with our “Tor Everything” capability, that allowed some Android system network traffic to leak and bypass the Tor routing. Finally, it provides for compatibility for CyanogenMOD 7, as well as Android Gingerbread and Honeycomb.

Enjoy and stay safe out there!

– small updates to layout of main screen to fit smaller screens
– fixed preference setting of EntryNode torrc value

– added exit node and “StrictExitNode” preference
– fixed tor binary installation issue related to max resource size and compression
– updated “start on boot” code to test for proper launch event
– updated to Tor binary
– moved back to single notification bar id to avoid double entries
– cleaned up progress dialog and alert handling to avoid leaky windows
– Merged __sporkbomb’s patch for how transproxy all works; now does “everything but Tor”
– Added new toolbar notifications and alerts for displaying notifications and Tor messages
– Removed unused Socks client code from android.net package
– Updated wizard to show link to Gibberbot (formerly OTRchat) chat app
– Bundled iptables 1.4.7 for ARM instead of relying on installed version
– Fixed various issues related to iptables, transproxying for CyanogenMod7/Android 2.3.*
– Changed how settings changed are processed through the control port (batched instead of one by one)
– Stopped app by app flushing of iptables rules, in favor of complete flush of ‘nat’ and ‘filter’ type
– removed useless log screen (logs can be viewed/retrieved using ‘alogcat’ 3rd party app)

61 thoughts on “Orbot now available

  1. I have a LG Ally from Verizon (unrooted, Android version 2.2.2), and every version of Orbot through has caused a low memory error after installation. It does seem to work anyway, but performance of the phone (apps) definitely suffers. I wonder if you can modify Orbot so that it can be stored on the sdcard, although I do to know enough about Android memory management to know if this would make a difference.

    It would be nice to be able to run Orbot on my Android phone. Thanks for any assistance you can provide.

    1. You should be able to move Orbot to your sdcard, if your device supports that feature. Before you move it, just clear the application data in the Settings->Applications->Orbot menu.

      1. I tried moving it after clearing the app data, moved just fine, and still works, except it seems that the “start at boot” option is failing to load the binaries properly because of the delay in preparing the sd card. Is there a way I can mod one of the app files to delay startup at boot for 2 minutes or something?

  2. Dear GuardianProject,

    I’m using Orbot on my Samsung Galaxy S; Darkyrom 10.1 (2.3.3) RE with lagfix off. When I’m running Tor without any internet connection and I’m getting a phonecall or want to call someone, it doenst let me and is putting the screen black. Plus, the other caller is on a hold. Leaving me with a freeze.

    This is not when Tor is disabled or with an internet connection on.

    1. We need to do more testing on the Galaxy line of devices, however we haven’t heard about Orbot interfering with phone calls before. We could look into optimizing Orbot to downshift when a phone call comes in.

  3. Also using a galaxy S 4g. Seems to connect yet when checked states not using Tor. Any idea on a fix or workaround for this?

    1. Is this device rooted and/or does it have a custom ROM?

      The main culprit is that your kernel does not support the iptables “OWNER” Module, which is how we make transparent proxying work. If you have transparent proxying enabled in Orbot settings, you should see a notification message about it failing when Orbot is starting up.

      The only solutions for now are to either install CyanogenMOD7, if you can, which has the proper iptables support (for most support), or to use Firefox for Android, along with our ProxyMob Add-On. This second solution does NOT require root.

  4. When I try to start Orbot from the main android menu, the Orbot screen appears with the message that Orbot is Deactivated – long press to start. The icon turns yellow. Then the message ‘Couldn’t start Tor process… Retrying’ soon appears a few times followed by ‘Unable to start Tor’

    1. I think this is related to how we are extracting the binaries in the new 1.0.5.x codebase. We will try to fix this for 1.0.6.x, but for now go back to 1.0.4! :)

  5. i have Sony Ericsson x8 i root it
    and when i mack the tor every thing
    the orbot tell me
    error start transparent proxying
    plz help me

  6. Hi Guys,

    many thanks for Orbot. It works great on my rooted LG Optimus One p500.
    The only thing that doesn’t work are County Exit Nodes. On my Desktop PC I can write {us} into my torrc as ExitNode to get US Exit Nodes. Wirting it in Orbots doesn’t work, without the {}, too. On my Desktop PC I have a geoip file, that TOR needs, without it TOR can’t resolve the country codes in {}. Couldn’t find that file on my LG. Do I need it or is there an other way?

      1. I am new at this. How do I specify the ExitNode on the Android ? Or how do I get the geoip file to put on the Android.

        1. In Orbot, open the app menu (menu key on the device), and select “Settings”. Under the “Exit Nodes” setting, enter the exit node filter you want to specify. As an example, “{us,gb}” would mean only exit in the United States or Great Britain. You also need to enable the “strict exit node” checkbox, to ensure that it only uses what you specify. You can also specify exit nodes by their name, if you know one.

      1. Many thanks. I’m awaiting the update, because I have to copy the geoip file after every reboot.
        It would be nice, if it can be stored somewhere on the sd card.

  7. I ve ust updated my rooted vibrant, to cynogenMod-7.1.0-RC1-vibrant and it shows that it connects to tor network, but the browsers (opera and firefox with proxymob addon – which were working before the update) doesn’t work, the error is “Unable to Conenct” its not connecting to the net. All other apps, normal browser skype etc which doesn’t use tor works fine. Any help?

  8. When I did an CynogenMod update it stopped working. Someone on the market left a comment saying that you need to install the app “auto proxy” when i set it, orbot is working perfect again!

  9. one thing that would be nice is the ability to “Torify everything except”, which would be useful if you have an app that’s having issues because of Tor, and you want to release only that one.
    a simple way to implement that would be to have a ‘select all’ option when selecting apps to Torify. that way, you can select all and then unselect the one(s) you want not Torified.

    1. While you may be rooted, your firmware version must not support the proper kernel network configuration we need to use the “root” features of Orbot. We will clarify our explanation in the app. Our apologies for that.

      Your options are from here, to either use our non-root apps like Orweb and Gibberbot, or to flash a new firmware to your device. Cyanogen may have support for the Evo.

  10. I connect using a nexus s 4g but I cannot browse my photos and upload on sites that allow it. Is this a setting issue or is orweb unable to upload?

    1. Orweb is very limited at the moment because we just want to offer a very safe clean way to access content over tor without adding too many features that might create security risks. If you need a more full feature browser, try using Firefox Mobile with the Proxy Mobile add-on.

  11. Hi – Please could you help me? I bought a G-Box, intstalled Orbot and Orbex (unrooted). I am having difficulty enabling Orbot through a GB (UK) Exit Node. When I push the big yellow button, it turns green but there is an error message indicating a failure to find the exit nodes or validate. What I am doing wrong? Here is some more background:

    Processor: Rockchip RK 2918 Cortex A8 Chip
    Orbot Verson:
    Exit Nodes: {gb}
    Strict Exit Nodes: Enabled
    Proxy Type: HTTP (also tried Socks4)
    Proxy Host:
    Proxy Port 8118 (also tried 5090)

    What am I doing wrong? What should I try? You help would be much appreciated! Many thanks.

    1. the format for the exit node value is a comma separated list inside the curly braces.

      For UK it would be: {gb}

      For USA it would be: {us}

  12. Im trying to configure my Galaxy tab 10.1 for tor. I’ve installed orbot and it says im connected to the network, but orweb v2 says that I’m not using tor. I could definitely use a bit of a “how to” on this :p any help would be really appreciated. I’ve even tried downloding firefox and its proxy moblie add on, but am really unsure about using http and proxy. I am a noob at this, but am eager to learn.

  13. ok am using rooted cyanogen 9 on my live With Walkman, every thing is fine, trying to use orbot it start but error starting transparent proxying.

    What should i do ???????

  14. Hello, how can I configure country nodes?
    I ve selected the function on the option and I’ve typed {gb} but I see Denmark

    1. enable the Strict Nodes checking.

      Are you sure that you entered the country code in the “Exit Node” config?

  15. How do i fix this connecting to control port 9051 success connected to control port waiting it keeps reporting that over an over in log and never turns green on a ASUS tf300t stock 4.0.3 rooted and on LG Thrill stock 2.3.5 one time it worked on the thrill it was around a update or when i put ubuntu with android VNC that it stopped please email me with help i am not that tech savvy on android hate to ask for spoon feeding

    1. it is a well known bug on a few devices. we are urgently trying to solve the problem, but it is complex. thanks for your patience.

  16. I’ve tried using the latest version on Sony Xperia T and it slows everything down the phone practically stops and is almost impossible to correct until I uninstall it

  17. I have an Asus Fonepad which runs Android 4.1.2 but uses an Intel Atom processor rather than an ARM-based chip, and I cannot get any recent version of Orbot to work correctly. I have tried 1.0.4 releases as well as 1.0.5 from the Google Play store and from your repositories directly. The log says:

    (re)Setting permission on Tor binary
    (re)Setting permission on Privoxy binary
    (re)Setting permission on Obsfsproxy binary
    Orbot is starting…
    Couldn’t start tor process:
    Unable to start Tor: Unable to start Tor.

    And nothing else happens.

  18. I just boughy a new samsung tab 3 10.1 with wifi. I dowloaded from the play store orbot but it could not start the tor process.Orweb is installed. Any suggestions?

  19. Hi,
    I have an unrooted galaxy note 3 and I can’t seem to get orbot working, it says unable to start tor when long pressing the button. I had a note 2 before and orbot was working fine on that. I’ve tried the latest stable version from the play store as well as the latest release candidate and they all have the same error. Could this be a hardware incompatibility? Thanks.

    1. Galaxy Note 3 includes Samsung KNOX security, which is SELinux “Enforced” mode. This is causing problems with a number of our apps, which access Android subsystems directly. We are working on updates, and will have a fix out hopefully within the next week.

  20. I just bought an HP 7 tablet.Orbot installed just fine, but when I long press to start, it says its starting, and stays stuck there, but never starts.

  21. I have Samsung galaxy tab 2, P3100. It is rooted by supersu chain fire. I have orbot and i configured it properly. But still i am unable to use Samsung inbuilt browser. I can not use play store. It shows no network connection. I can use only crime and Firefox browser, but only for browsing. Because my tab OS is not allowing any browser to download. Even orweb also not able to download. I can not use UC browser also. So please help me to solve this problem.

  22. Major, major thanks to everyone involved in the Orbot / Guardian Project. This is exactly what the Android platform has needed, and it has functioned well on numerous past devices and continues to do so on all my latest toys.

    I do have a question, one that seems obvious but worth asking nonetheless. When transparent proxying is enabled on a rooted device, *all* data is being routed by Tor, is this correct? My concern is that this may well include identifying background processes such as Gmail, which routinely send your username and password at the same time and through the same Tor channel as whatever else you might be doing that you may want to hide. Some of these processes may not even be encrypted, perhaps cloud storage that replicates photographs automatically.

    This could be a problem with any device using a full transparent proxy or an anonymizing middlebox like the Safebox or OnionPi that seem to be bringing protocols like Tor and I2P further into the mainstream.

    Orbot makes it clear during setup that anonymizing all data is not the default, however it does not address the possibility that doing so may be a privacy liability.

    If this post is off-base, please don’t burn me at the stake. I am a fan and evangelist of privacy in my own little way, but this seemed worthy of mention.

    1. Yes, transparent proxy all will also route insecure/non-https traffic. I don’t think Gmail sends non-HTTPS/unencrypted traffic however, and they also use certificate pinning, and other additional layers to ensure man-in-the-middle attacks will not happen at the Tor exits. It is more an issue with something like Google Maps, which could request map tiles that are not encrypted, and through that reveal your location, or a location you are looking at.

      Overall, your point is not off-base, and we do have plans to make the transparent proxy setup a bit smarter in the future, and promote users to select specific apps instead if they are concerned about privacy and anonymity (and not just circumvention/proxying which is what a good amount of users living with filtered internet want).

  23. I’ve opened a ticket for the problem: “Unable to start Tor” error on my S4 JB 4.3 with root and without Knox bootloader and Knox app. In fact I used Orbot efficiently for a couple of weeks and then it stopped to work without apparently reason. I have not changed my system since the last time it was running… If it had never worked I could give up but since it was ok for a while I really would like to understand where the error could be and what is changed… :)
    Thank you very much.

  24. Updated orweb on a samsung galaxy tab 10.1.
    In orweb when i go to check the browser i get an error message:
    error -5: Authentication via the proxy server was unsuccessful.

  25. Until the latest Update, the app was working,
    but after the latest update, it just does’t work anymore, i mean it will say, connected to network, and all things 100% completed,but then, if i check from browser, it says you are not connected to the TOR,

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